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Tomorrow, you can have a chance to win a copy of BeetleQuest, the beetle adventure game! Join the three beetlefriends on an epic adventure to recover a lost marble!

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Tomorrow, you sir or madam, can have the once in a lifetime chance to win a free copy of the game that the whole town is raving about!

That singular game that, when played, will cure all ills and depressions! I am of course talking about Beetlequest, the beetle adventure game!

Yours for free until eternity! Well, possibly. And all you have to do is enter the give-away, which can be found here: Indiedb.com

But allow me to tell you something about this rare and exquisite game, my friend. Beetlequest tells the story of the three beetlefriends and their great adventure to get back their precious marble. Lost to an angry mole, they now have to venture through a deep forest, a dark swamp, frightening caves, and even go underwater to get it back.

A game inspired by older games such as Legends of Kyrandia and King's Quest. A game for those of a young and adventurous spirit, and interested in games of the point & click genre.

Step right up, dear sir or madam, for the beetle adventure of a lifetime!

Click here to go to Beetlequest on IndieDB.



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