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We will go over the history of the BeDa MLG Trilogy and explain why we have release 2 entries and are working on a third in such a short period of time.

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Story time guys
This is the history of the BeDa MLG Trilogy

So some of you have been playing since the first MLG Swag game we released months ago and are probably wondering… Why is there 3 of them in such a short time? well the reality if there haven’t been. the numbers of the games actually represent development stages not the game in the series.
we started with a fun little shooter made to be played and enjoyed but we weren't actually going to launch it publicly we wanted to work on a more serious shooter but this seemed more wild and hilarious.
after fixing the bugs and gathering info from Stage 1 testing we decided to work on a more serious version but wanted to keep the MLG flavor that we established with the first submission thats how V2 was born. V2 was supposed to test parkour and jet pack game play from other games at the time into kind of a serious yet whacky game, it didn't get a lot of negative reviews from the players but they missed the originals game play so we re-released Classic and renamed V2 to Swagmatic and thats when something wonderful happened.

we got lore

Swagmatic contained little bits of story in the updates to explain the inconsistency of the level design we did this to allow us to test settings and different ideas to see what we were best at making and what you guys would play the most. (the answer to that was ArrowHead and the City with a clear tie in the play count but we will get to this later)
the story was about the us electing its first college-age rapper president B-Rock.
B-Rock then cloned himself using alien tech that was found in the nevada desert in 1969(giggity) to make him a self-Squad and to ensure he wouldn't lose his presidential seat.
it was around this time the ogerlords invaded mars and found out it was shit but they saw earth and demanded the civilians to “Git owtta Meh Swamp” and B-Rock being all totally gangster and boss challenged the ogerlords to a Swagmatic tournament and they accepted.

I know its stupid but hey it fit the game at the time well we noticed the gamers LOVED the city map for CTF and ArrowHead for TDM.

This mixed with getting access to the BF hardline beta and being harassed into playing PayDay 2 gave lead Dev DylaNemesis the idea to make a new build based around the CQC of arrowhead and the large map of the city, with a cops and robbers polish MLG 3 Cops and Swaggers was born.
MLG: CAS would be put on hold due to him getting a job at a new studio as a weapons systems editor. but sadly after debates about the quality control on the weapons systems and the project in-general Nemesis was fired from the team due to a conflict of interest.
so We had an almost complete system, a lead dev fresh off a published game and an idea so we started working hard to reskin and improve everything we had going days without sleep. after several days we announced Police Brutality a new and improved version of MLG. the game is scheduled to get a greenligth submission once we have finished the player customization system and get the Big City Heist level to the quality we feel it’s ready for testers to enjoy.

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