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I've been thinking about StarFire's future quite a bit. There's two things that I want to stick to in terms of its organisation: I want this game to be community driven. But I also want this game to become commercial once it has reached a certain finished state.

Hence, there will be two releases for Starfire:
* a commercial release that will feature tons of content/quests/achievements/etc, and
* a "free" release, a fully functioning shell where modders can modify the game as much as they want (probably going to be the 3-Clause-BSD license), but with limited content. It's possible to include player made contributions here as well, so players can decide what release their assets will be for (you will most likely get rewards if you contribute to the commercial release).

Until then I want you, the player, to help me design this game (if you want to of course).

Contributions can be:
- ideas and suggestions
- models, textures
- programming code (java), could you provide any

If you are interested to contribute, please check out the following forum thread for more detailed information: Indiedb.com

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