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More spells, monsters and art. Also my ongoing experience with Greenlight.

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Its been busy during this last week mostly because I started my Greenlight campaign. That said, I made some progress that I want to share with you:

New Spells

I'm working in new spells for the monsters, here's a powerful meteor shower spell:

I made a very flexible system in order to add spells quickly by using a Unity class called ScriptableObject. Content generation is critical when you are alone making a game that needs a good duration and variety like an RPG in my opinion.

New Monsters

Of course, I keep adding monsters:

Plant Monster

"Seymour, feed me!"

Elemental Wolves

Unnamed Elemental Wolves

New 2D Art

I recently received the last 2D portrait I asked to a freelancer, I'm still not sure if I'll ask for more or just use some stock assets for the rest of the secondary characters. This is the "Wild Walker", a very important secondary character:

Wild Walker


Being honest, the campaign is going pretty slow. It seems there's less people voting or too much projects (or maybe both), of course this seems to be a problem for everyone not just me. I remember Nomad Fleet wasn't even close to the top 100 during its Greenlight campaign but it had more votes than the current top 100 game.

That said, I have positive comments and I've been checking a website called GreenlightUpdates that shows that Steam keeps passing games despite not having many votes. There's several months to release so I need to be patient.

Please, if you like what you see consider voting for my project in this link (opens Steam client):



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