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Post news RSS BeardedBear Update n°7 - New Demo and a lot of juicy stuff

In this update: a lot of new levels, two new bosses, enemies mk3, page on itch.io, and a lot more!

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Hello everyone!
Two (or three?) weeks passed, and I'm here to show you what happened in those working weeks once again.

  • I made an itch.io page which you can see here:

  • I also made a gameplay video about my last update:

Now I can almost see the far far away end of the game.

  • I added all the levels to reach the 15th level, which should be the last one (maybe) before the loop. With those levels I added the mk3 type of enemies, whose are an even powerful version of the mk2 ones.
  • I added two bosses in the game (and made a randomization system to change the boss order on every run). You will find the three boss on levels 5,10, and 15. The first new boss is the shooter boss(NB: boss sprites are placeolder at the moment obviously):

shooter boss

And the second new boss is the cocoon boss:

cocoon boss

Other minor stuff have been changed/added in the game.

  • The more noticeable are a red flash on the screen when you take damage,

red flasho

  • a cool effect when you enter in the portal and finish the current level,


and some little graphical effects when some powerups is active, so you can better understand what you have, and what is affecting.

The next one or two weeks will be a bit busy with the university, so I do not know how much I'll be able to code. But, as soon I'll have a decent amount of new stuff I'll post an article again.

Meanwhile you can play the demo I released last week here:

BeardedBear - Demo 04

Full change-log here(I did not record every little changed I did):

  • Added graphical effect to bbpowerup2
  • Added graphical effect to bbpowerup3
  • Added graphical effect to bbpowerup4
  • Added graphical effect to bbpowerup6
  • Added graphical effect to bbpowerup8
  • Added red flash when player hit
  • Added level 8th
  • Added level 9th
  • Added level 10th
  • Added shooter boss
  • Added walker mk3
  • Added shooter mk3
  • Added cocoon mk3
  • Added cool effect in portal
  • Added cocoon boss
  • Added boss randomization
  • Added more info on your run in death menu
  • Tweaked down spawn timer
  • Tweaked dards damage impact
  • Tweaked general slow down and speed up
  • Tweaked granades, now explode on contact with enemies
  • Tweaked explosions particles
  • Fixed shooter boss
  • Fixed hp up bb powerup
  • Fixed rocket and grandaes exploding on dead bodies
  • Fixed bullet collision
  • Fixed every collision with only xscale set
  • Fixed portal waiting
  • Fixed particles bugging the game
  • Fixed vertex buffer crash
  • Fixed strange bb spdx
  • Fixed randomness after death
  • Fixed infinite loops caused by portal particles
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