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Post news RSS BeardedBear - Update n°12 - Alpha 0.1.7

In this article: New downloadable build, improved menu, bugfixes, loop stuff, and much more!

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Hi guys!

We released a new demo of the game!
This new version comes with the usual load of bugfixes and some new features involving the late game.

As always, (almost) everything you read can be played in the demo build here:

BeardedBear Demo 0.1.7
Feedback is always appreciated, join our Discord server!
  • Menu

    • We improved the main menu, with transparent buttons and backgrounds from the levels.

      menu new


    • The animations are also faster so it's more usable and fluid when you select buttons and go through menus.

    • As a final touch, we synced the music with the splash screen at the start of the game.

  • Gameplay
    • New powerup! It's a portal that lets you teleport to the other side of the screen when you go through it.

      ezgif com video to gif

    • We also created two new backgrounds and polished the stronger enemies from levels 6 to 10 so now the mid-to-late game is ready to be fully tested.



    • For all of you that can't see the crate, we added a beautiful hologram-style indicator on top of it. Yay.

      ezgif com crop
  • Late game
    • We created a loop system (it's in but it's not playable yet) when you beat the final boss.
    • There are stronger enemies to keep you busy while you compete for the best score, and a new mechanic to spice things up: Timewarps and Spaceshift.
      • Timewarps are sudden changes in the enemy spawn rate, making enemies drop faster.
      • Spaceshifts randomizes all the enemy types on screen.
    • They are activated randomly and they are limited to one per level.
      We added a final boss (again, not playable yet). Needs some balancing but it's loads of fun.
  • Audio
    • Now the game comes with new boss fight music in the style of the new soundtrack.

  • Demo
    • The demo is now extended to the 7th level, meaning that for the first time you will fight a boss and see the first two mid-game levels, with stronger mk2 enemies.
  • Other things/Announcements
    • We are receiving a lot of good feedback and we are very happy with that because it helps us a lot!
    • The website has been updated with the new build of the game.
    • We are finally heading to the Kickstarter! We hope to launch it in November if everything goes as planed. We will post another update when the Kickstarter will be online, see you soon!
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