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This is the description of the whole Bavarian Saga.

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Bavarian saga is the title for the collection of Amnesia mods originally developed by Sabatu. Another modder called headlesscyborg joined later and became one of the authors creating mods for the saga. Let's not forget Cibule who was co-operating on one of the mods. The entire saga is set near Munich in southern Bavaria. Each mod has its individual story, however they share the same universe, might share some characters or places and they all more or less intertwine or eventually amplify the fates of particular characters. Bavarian saga is one large franchise. The story writer is

Swankest CZ and all the creators mentioned above helped with their ideas to make the stories happen.

Originally intended series of short mods from the world of the Bavarian saga, of which only the mini-mode Return to Home was completed. Mod Silver Sword (Castle Wackersberg prequel) was not completed.

Bavarian saga covers the following mods:

~ Madhouse 2: The Origin of Malady - the prequel for Madhouse 1 that set before the famous Osterseestein beame an institution for the mentally ill noblewomen. The story reveals the dramatic fates of the Kellner family.

~ Sanguis: The Twins - This is the first mod that started the Bavarian saga. The tale reveals the horrors of the castle Verscheidenburg. Two brothers arrive at the castle to face its frightful past.
~ Madhouse - tells the story of Osterseestein, an institute for mentally ill countesses near Munich, to which the protagonist come to look for his wife.
~ Madhouse 3: The Last Madness – Takes place shortly after the first Madhouse and tells the story about investigation of a mysterious murder at the Dunkelstein Castle, west of Munich. The second half of the game takes place directly in Munich.
~ Castle Wackersberg – The dark story in the style of old gothic horrors, set on castle Wackersberg. The castle is located south of Munich, not too far from Penzberg and the recently closed mental institution Osterseestein. Niklas Leon is a young man who travels to Castle Wackersberg to marry his fiancee Helene.

~ Bavarian Tales: The Silver Sword (unfinished) - this is actually a prequel to Castle Wackerberg, in which the main character is the Greek exorcist Theodosius Romanos, who has a powerful weapon against demons - a silver sword. It advances through parts of the castle that were unavailable in basic mode. Only the first 3 levels have been preserved, which will probably never be released.

~ Blackwater's Blasphemy – tells the story of a descendant of an English immigrant family who built a residence near Starnberger See lake, near the castle of Verscheidenburg, on the north of Osterseestein mental institution. The protagonist returns to his ancestors' family residence, suffering from memory loss, gradually revealing his family history.
~ Bavarian Tales: Return to Home – very short mod, taking place in a house in Starnberg near Munich. A man returns to home to his wife and finds the house empty, gradually finding strange notes written by his wife.

~ Afterlife (unfinished) - the main character is Manfred Petersson, great-grandson of Klaus Petersson of Madhouse 3. One day a mysterious man calls him, who will want to find 6 pieces of obsidian armor of the Counts of Wackersberg and a silver sword of the Greek exorcist Theodosius Romanos. In addition, he will have to solve the mystery of a mysterious and long-abandoned children's camp. Only 4 maps were created, but they have not been preserved.

~ Madhouse 4 - the plot was supposed to take place in the 1970s in a Munich psychiatric hospital. Further details were never considered.
~ Sanguis 2 - the plot was supposed to follow the story of Sanguis: The Twins.

There were also intended mods with the main character Manfred Petersson, which were to follow the mod Afterlife, so the whole series was to be created.

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