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Our newest Battleschool character, Sam is now complete. Take a look at this infographic to go on the journey with us for the process to complete our final Battleschool character, Sam.

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Creating a game is a series of journeys. Our latest infographic shows the journey we took - a 3-year journey at that - to create our latest character Sam.

Battleschool - Sam Infographic

Sam is a bubbly, happy and loving young woman inspired from great video game characters of my past. I hope you love her as much as we do.

Creating her was the product of a series of ups and downs. Lessons learned and risks paid off. With her completion we reach a significant milestone in the game development because she is the final character to complete for the game.

Her animations will come next, but for now take a brief breather with us as we look back on 3 years of development in Battleschool and how far we've come.

Era 1 - Pixel Art: I started believing the art style I needed was the style that matched the game classics from which I was drawing so much inspiration.

Era 2 - Chibi Cel-Shaded: At one point I was sure I wanted a chibi style for my characters based on the success of our first character, the Banshee. See her here: Battleschool.watermintstudios.com

Final Era - However, after the creation of our Inanimate, we realized that we really wanted all characters done in *that* style. And so, although it was a tough decision to make, we shifted to a more detailed cel-shading look with characters that are a departure from full chibi style but are still less than proportionate.

We are certainly very grateful for the hard work of all the artists and others that helped get us to where we are today.

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