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how to install, how to build from source code and so on.

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how to install
1. put "BattleTest.dll" and "BattleTest.bat" into "bin\Win64_Shipping_Client".
2. put "BattleTest" folder of the zip file into "Modules", same level with "Native".
3. put "navmesh.bin" into "Modules\Native\SceneObj\mp_skirmish_map_001a” to enable formation order.

How to use
1. start the mod by clicking "BattleTest.bat".
2. press "TAB" key to exit the battle scene.
3. press "c" key to switch between free camera and main agent camera.

Open source:
the source code is in "code" dir of the zip file, you can use it freely for non-commercial use as long as TaleWorlds doesn't complain.
- submod is allowed
- integrate part of the mod's code into your own mod is allowed

- sell the mod for money is not allowed

Build from source:
1. install .net core sdk
2. modify 6th line of "BattleTest.csproj", change "Mb2Bin" property to your bannerlord installation location
3. open a termial (powershell or cmd), run "dotnet msbuild -t:install". This step will build "BattleTest.dll" and copy it to "bin\Win64_Shipping_Client"

some people say they can't launch the mod, if you are among them, try building from source code.
I guess there will be compilation error, If you are a programmer, it's not difficult to fix.
If you are a normal user, google the compilation error or post it to forum to ask for help.
If you find the cause of crash, please tell me.

connect with me:
TaleWorlds forum: modbed
youtube: modbed
bilibili: 月光暖大床
my website: modbed.cn

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