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Battle Bash moving into beta, final alpha release is here.

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Battle Bash is at a point now where it is a complete game, albeit a small one.We are feature freezing the current version.This version will stand as a feature limited demo for the commercial development. Bugfixes will be backported when implemented, but no new features will be added to the free version.

Patch Notes:

  • Battle Bash now runs in 720 resolution, it may run poorly on monitors that do not support HD.
  • Several bugs affecting framerate have been fixed, BB now stays at 60 fps in tests.
  • The graphic style of the game has been reworked, with new brighter colors with an abstract arcade feel.
  • Being shot now causes a respawn in addition to points/flag loss.
  • Menu has been reworked to show more detail when picking levels.
  • Fixed a bug where the flag could occasionally vanish in CTF mode.
  • Implemented FXAA post processing.

The game is now entering early access, all purchases now will receive all updates and steam/other keys as they become available. (This is per patform, buying the windows/linux version does not grant a windows store or xbox one key)

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