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Gameplay information and strategy guide for "Basic Warfare"

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Game Setup

  • Single Player: Although the game is mainly Multiplayer one can still play alone by running the game twice. Start one as a server and connect to localhost with the other one.
  • LAN Multiplayer: All that needs to be done is to start a server on one computer. Then all LAN clients can connect to the server with "Custom IP" option.
  • Online Multiplayer:
    • basic-warfare.net: This is the official game server but most likely it won't be hosting consistently.
    • Hosting Yourself: The game operates on port 8888. You'll need to setup port forwarding on your router to forward client connections on that port to your server.

Known Issues

  • Game crashes when connecting to a server that's down.
  • On some computers the Windows x64 bit version crashes when trying to connect or host. If this happens try using the 32bit version.
  • Sometimes when playing on localhost Audio Pan causes a crash. If this happens try disabling Audio Pan in the options.

Core Gameplay

  • Advancement: The game features technological advancement in the form of compiler ages. Starting in the "Assembly Age" players must gather resources and expand their economy to advance to the "QuickBASIC" and "FreeBASIC" ages all while fending off opponent's attacks.
    • Assembly Age: 25% structure recycle value. Up to 2 working hangers.
    • QuickBASIC Age: 50% structure recycle value. Up to 5 working hangers.
    • FreeBASIC Age: 75% structure recycle value. Up to 9 working hangers.

The Game's Resources

  • Resource: This is your raw material. It is used for construction of buildings and units as well as advancing research. It is found scattered on the map and to increase your economic advantage it is best to control as many as possible. Note that only 8 scavengers can gather from one resource at a time.
  • Energy: This is your power, sourced from your surroundings via nuclear, hydro or solar powers. It is used to power units while gathering resources, fighting or moving across the map. It is also used automatically to repair damaged buildings. It is important to keep this above zero to keep your units functional.

The Game's Units

Utility Units

  • Scavenger: An important ASM Age unit, Scavengers are used to gather resources on the map. It is vital strategy to protect them as they cannot defend themselves.
  • Heavy Scavenger: A sturdier unit to replace your ASM scavenger with in late game. Offering faster gather rates, with them you can more effectively gather from the map's limited resources.

Offensive Units

  • Patrol: An ASM Age unit for exploration with limited attack capabilities.
  • Light Attack: Offers much better combat performance than Patrol units with very little cost increase.
  • Bomber: Though somewhat slow, Bombers are capable of destroying enemy structures making them vital for victory over your opponent.
  • Fast Attack: An expensive but sturdy and fast unit far superior to other attack units.

The Game's Structures

  • Watch Tower: Inexpensive assembly age building for expanding DOV. Because they are easily destroyed they should be replaced in later ages.
  • Compiler: Your only means of obtaining offensive and defensive units. As you advance to later ages it will be able to compile more.
  • Solar Power: An inexpensive and small structure, the Solar Power is useful in early game but as you advance becomes cost ineffective as well as vulnerable.
  • Hydro Power: A cost effective source of energy that must be built in the water. It's also fairly strong making it difficult to destroy.
  • Research Center: Expensive, but the only means of advancing to BASIC ages which without you will find impossible to keep up with your opponent.
  • Energy Cell: Increases the max amount of energy that you can have at any given moment.
  • Small Resource Repository: Increases the max amount of resources that you can store and are necessary for obtaining more expensive items.
  • Large Resource Repository: Increases the max amount of resources that you can store and are necessary for obtaining more expensive items.
  • Hanger: Increases the max amount of units that you can build by 10. Up to 30 in ASM age, 60 in QB age and 100 in FB age.
  • Repair Tower: Reverts damage afflicted to up to 5 units by 2 as long as they are in range of its DOV.
  • Turret: Damages up to 10 enemy units by 2 in range of its DOV by targeting them with invisible electro-magnetic pulses.
  • Fast Repair Tower: Reverts damage afflicted to up to 20 units by 5 as long as they are in range of its DOV.
  • Heavy Turret: Damages up to 25 enemy units by 5 in range of its DOV by targeting them with invisible electro-magnetic pulses.
  • Nuclear Reactor: A very cost effective source of energy. It's somewhat large but also strong. An ideal energy unit for late game.
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