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Colonization is my dream game, I realize that the perfect game can never just pop up and be everything you ever wanted, the only way is to make it happen yourself. At the time being no real game features exist yet, I am currently in the works of concepts, writing, modeling and planning. Once content is ready, I will post updates here on IndieDB. Down below I will post some information on what it is to expect.

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Here is some basic information

Colonization is planned to be an episodic journey through the galaxy, you take the role of Jason Walker, a Commander in the Earth Gov. I.S.A. Army, also a member of S.T.A.R., the special forces group formed of the best soldiers in each I.S.A. system.

The War

In Colonization, you are fighting a war against the Tylonian Terror group known as "The Conglomerate" who believe all of humanity are violent war spreading animals who will only pervert they're own beliefs, believing this and that they are a threat to they're god "Nethlon" The Conglomerate will stop at nothing to "protect" they're god and species by the only means possible, humanities total extinction.

The gameplay

In Colonization, you will be given the choice of how to approach your mission, as a member of S.T.A.R., "Silence. Tactics. Advantage. Reconnaissance." you can approach a mission with Stealth, search the area and set up your point of entry and Tactics to use, look for Advantages in the environment while you Recon the area.

The gameplay will be simple yet complex at the same time, use parkour to free run the city at your will, scaling skyscrapers then jumping down and timing the use of your back jump jets to break your fall.

There will be no Aiming Down Sights in Colonization, just pure simple gunplay, the more the move the wider the crosshair gets, slow down to get the most accuracy out of your weapon.

As you explore the city, you are not always safe, you are the biggest threat to the Conglomerate, Bounty Hunters and Assassins are out for you.

There will be 3 systems to explore, Allied Space "Earth", Neutral Space, and Hostile Space. You can't get into much trouble on Earth, but in neutral space, watch your back, don't provoke people by holding your weapon out or doing anything suspicious, Hostile space, you better stay out of sight by the Conglomerate, they will shoot you on sight.

I will bring more information in the future with more updates.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to bring you guys more content later down the road!

have a great day and God bless.


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