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After few months of work we decided to show some very early pieces of Barrage to the public. Even though there aren't that many bits of information right now but we hope you stay tuned for more stuff to come in the future.

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What is Barrage?

Barrage is a Fast-Paced, Multiplayer, Cross-Over game, combining FPS and RTS elements. Imagine a mix of Tanks (that old 80s game,) and Starcraft... in space!

Your goal is to transform your homeworld into a bristling fortress of missile turrets, laser weapons and even bigger weapons of mass destruction. On top of that you need to keep track of your economy, colonize other planets and, of course, destroy your enemies!

Main features

- All projectiles affected by gravity of the sun and planets.
- Keplerian space mechanics to simulate the orbital trajectories.
- A vast amount of different planets (shaders, gravity, resources.)
- Lots of different buildings and weapons to support a variety of play styles.
- Upgradeable buildings and tech levels.
- Spectator mode and demo support.

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