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Here are some answers to some of the questions that you may have related to this conversion.

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-When will this mod be released?

We don't know, it depends on how much we want to release out of the gate, and whether it be in stages or when we are satisfied with the mods current state.

-What art direction will this mod be taking?

The Conversion will be following the timelines of Kenshi, se we will be trying our best to create the same flavour that is in the Kenshi world.

-Where will the mod take place?

We plan to cover the entirety of the Kenshi continent.

-What troops will have X equipment?

We are endeavoring to make Kenshi come into the universe of Mount and Blade, everything will be coming over from Kenshi. If you have played Kenshi imagine everything in those games, but in Mount and Blade.

-What are the factions?

Link is work in progress.

-What races will there be?

Humans, Hive, Shek, Skeletons, Drones and more.

-Will the races be distinctively different?

Yes, each race will have preset strengths and weaknesses.

-Can I help?

Yes! We are currently looking for Model Riggers, Scripters and Coders who will be able to work with the Bannerlord modding tools.

If you wish to get involved you can message us on Moddb.

If you have any questions please leave them down below and I will try my best to respond to each and everyone of them.

Thanks again.

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