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What happened on day 9 for finishing The Bamsing prototype.

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Day 9

Hi, My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on Twitter. I’m 9 Days in onfinishing this prototype of my game Bamsing.

What did I do on Day 9?

Yesterday I took a day off to celebrate my grandmothers 80th birthday. It was great!

Today I have been doing some clean up work of the features I implemented recently. I have built my game as one big state machine with sub-state machines. At the top level I have a state machine with 3 states called Gameplay, Cutscene and Menu. Every object in my game that has a behavior that changes has another state machine on them that listen to the top level state machine and adjust their state and behavior accordingly. Some have more than 4 state machines controlling different behaviors!

It’s works very well for me to organize this way, and I only have to worry about what is happening in a state rather than a whole stateless update loop with a lot of checks to get the desired behavior.

Short blog today as I did a short workday today.

Tomorrow I will be implementing a way to handle the player falling of platforms. And start tying together the starting cutscenes + tutorial-gameplay with the puzzle mechanics!

How can you help?

You can help by providing feedback, I would love to hear absolutely any thoughts you have about the game.

And by following company in any of its outlets as well <3:

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