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What happened in Day 6 of finishing the Bamsing prototype.

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Day 6

Hi, My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on Twitter. I’m 6 Days in onfinishing this prototype of my game Bamsing.

What did I do on Day 6?

Today I created a Gravity shift Mechanic which can be seen below.

And I can tell you I’m quite tired after fiddling with all the quaternions involved in this. However, I’m happy with the results.

I showed it to some people and the feedback I got was that the mechanic is quite self-explanatory, It will be used as a puzzle mechanic in the prototype.

I think its quite visual and it has a lot of potential ways to fit into the game’s Art Direction. What I feel is lacking right now is an intuitive way for the player to choose which direction to gravitate towards, Art and some puzzles that utilize the mechanic to its fullest potential.

Do you like it or hate it? Please leave a comment telling me your thoughts, this is why I’m doing this after all!

Timeline Clarification

Yesterday I got some feedback about this blog series timeline. So, I want to clarify. 6 Days ago I started my company and going fulltime in game development and I am aiming to have this prototype, which I used to work on in my spare time, done in 3 weeks. So, in other words. I am taking a lot of elements I had before like the two characters you’ve seen, Character physics, fighting-system and putting it together into a showcase prototype. In each blog I detail what I have done that day.

Hopefully this clears up the confusion, keep the feedback coming!

How can you help?

You can help by providing feedback, I would love to hear absolutely any thoughts you have about the game.

And by following company in any of its outlets as well <3:

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