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What happened in day 5 of the development of the bamsing prototype.

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Day 5

Hi, My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on Twitter. I’m 5 Days in on finishing this prototype of my game Bamsing.

What did I do on Day 5?

Yesterday I reached out in a lot ways to try and get some feedback on what I’ve shown of the prototype so far. In hopes that I can utilize everyone else brain rather than my singular own.

I got some great feedback, potential players felt the UI didn’t fit with the rest of the Art direction. Something I didn’t consider at all on my own! I’m still unsure if the UI is such a big part of the game experience that it merits spending more time on in the prototype. What do you guys think? Someone felt the roll animation felt too stiff, and even linked me this Dark souls video as an example to help me fix it. I feel like this is definitely an important part of the gameplay and will have to fix it for the prototype.

Otherwise people have said that the game looks good, that it’s bright but it pulls it off instead of being too bright.

So I hope that means the Art Direction of the game assets are in a good direction.

I’ve also thought a bit more about what experiences are the ones I think are most important for an adventure game, and felt that I have some homework to do. It would also help me immensely if You(Yes you reading this!) would give me some feedback on what you think would be great for this game!

How can you help?

You can help by providing feedback, I would love to hear absolutely any thoughts you have about the game.

And by following company in any of its outlets as well <3:

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