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Since we are an unknown developer team we felt that we need to talk about ourselves a little bit. After that we will talk about Balrum too so hang on! :)

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We are two greenhorn game developers who want to create an RPG that is not your typical RPG game and cannot be categorised so easily. Did I mention greenhorn? Yes, you need to start somewhere. :) We started to work on Balrum about two years ago. We created a custom engine because we wanted total control over our game and also we wanted to learn how things work inside a PC. The result is and engine that has low system requirements and is flexible enough for us to implement things pretty fast.
We love RPG games that give you total freedom and let you explore a highly detailed world on your own. Choices and interesting story is the most important thing in an RPG next to the living world for us. Also NPCs have to have distinct and interesting personalities, this is a must for us next to them having a real „life”. We always liked crafting but we felt that crafting a pre defined item is not really crafting your own item, if you get what we mean. This is why we created a system where you can craft your own items from your own recipes. We do understand that this is a really dangerous thing to do, but if it's done right it can be amazing. Having a house is important for us. We always wanted to have a place to go home in our favourite RPG games that is our little realm and which we can modify and upgrade to our liking. Farming and having cattle was somewhat natural for us next to owning a house. Having little details really matter to us. It's simply amazing to see an NPC going around the village and lighting up the lamps, or seeing small rain pools after it rained. You can expect lots of these small details because they are not so hard to implement and are actually fun to program! :) Balrum is a different RPG, it combines traditional RPG elements and things that matter most to us. So at first Balrum might be somewhat weird to you, but we hope that when you get to know what we are trying to achieve you will find Balrum interesting. :)There are amazing people here at Kickstarter! It is truly enthralling to get to know people who are trying to help us achive our dream! Thank you guys!

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