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the game is delayed for some time so read the news update to find out what happned

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so i have found a bug on my game where you cant pick up a page (thanks to szamer m
and Kaizokujc (they are youtubers) for finding the bug. so thank them) so i fixed it and when i tried to build it then it did build around half way and it stopped. i tried more times. still didn’t work. IT I NOT MY FAULT AND if u see that the game age rating has changed that i only in 3.0 update (on mac)

How am i going to upload to gamejolt/indieDB?:
i will wait until the next version of unity when they fix the bug that dosent allow to build

when will that be?
i don’t know but unity updates around every 2 months.

Is that sad?
yes VERY unity bugs…. its very disappointing

Why is the 3.0 update only on MAC OS?
because 3.0 mac is what i built first and then the story up there happened

if u have questions then just leave a comment (and for bugs)


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