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Gotten a bad anime DVD lately? You're not the only one. Reports have popped up recently about Bandai's production line messing up yet another month of published DVD's with the same new encoding that is supposed to help prevent piracy they started manufacturing four months ago. So far it's not looking too good for Bandai...

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Recently, the Bandai fans out there have been getting bad copies of discs that just simply,"won't play." If they do manage to play, the audio is scrambled and the video plays at 8x the speed of normal so you can cram in one 30 minute block of animation in roughly a cup of coffee or just displays a billion colors as if a video card just burned out.

This affects the following DVDs and I am sorry if you purchased them.

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Now here's the better half of it. If you're in the US, your odds are stacked better than the UK fans. I'm not a fan of Gundam Seed at all. In fact, I feel Gundam should have stayed dead with the classic Wing titles. But nonetheless, the problem arose the day after Christmas when hundreds of emails began pouring into the Bandai marketing office. Though, that's not the number you should call for a quality complaint, they were being almost harassed by the amount of calls, emails, and snail mail they were receiving about bad dvd encryption that they later had to forward to sales and distribution.

If you can't believe it just yet, wait for it. It gets better, users have even posted before your own eyes on their favorite message boards.



Bandai has been using this encryption and data write method for a few months now. A few issues have arisen but not like they have now. Even vendors are now having to offer at their anime shops a discount or full return on the copies they've sold. Animecornerstore.blogspot.com

For Robert and customercare@animecorner.com that's nearly a thousand copies already floating in circulation.

While I've always loved Bandai, this is why purchasing DVDs can sometimes be a problem when the anime or movie JUST came out. Thanks for reading, it's been real.



I recv'd a bad Samurai Champloo DVD (Geneon). Disc 3 of the box set won't play despite having no phys. imperfections. Bought it off ebay. The seller got a replacement from Geneon, but then shipped it to me in inadequate packaging and it arrived wrecked. Finally got a refund for the amount of the disc.

Maybe it's an epidemic!?

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I got a dvd published by Anime Works, Invader Zim: Progressive Stupidity

Sometimes it repeats at certain places, skips a part, ect. Bought brand new. And I know Invader Zim is not Anime, but still, Bandai is not the only one.

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