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We are going to help them!We are advanced!We want to help them!

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UGC members will help if Fallout Team learn me and my teammates to learn how to make models and programming.Maybe even coding!So maybe we are going to help Fallout team if they learn us.ANd we are going to help them!!!If they learn us we are allies.And we are going to help them with their modification.Think about.And its probably easy to use some tools.And think that we make modification for M&B. Half life!Capturing alliens and other stuff if we learn coding,programms...
Fallout team are our Allie.We are going to help them!!!We are going to make future modifications
and learn other stuff.We are playas!We are ICE COLD KILLAS IN FPS GAMES!!!
Always be advanced then your enemy.Advanced technology and Inteligence are powerfull tool!

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