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Jesus has been hard at work on the massive multiplayer level for weeks now and it's finally coming together very nicely! In honor of his hard work, OLiGO will be releasing videos of what Jesus does on the level art so you guys can see the level progression every episode. We will be creating a Livestream web series but the videos will also be available here on IndieDB. CFrac

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Hello Guys!, I´m Jesus FC from the BUDO team!. I´m the arena painter and I´ll be in charge of the backgrounds, also I want to let you know that we are going to have a progression series on the background art!!, almost every night I´m on livestream making videos of the progression!.

Here I´m going to show you the last video that I did, you can check the page and add me there too if you want.

Hope all of you enjoy this series!

Here is my blog and my deviant if you want to follow me!

Dev: Jesusfc.deviantart.com

Blog: Jesusfc14.blogspot.com

Face: Facebook.com

The first image progression is here

And the First video here!!

Second Image is here!

And the second video is here!!

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