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Post news RSS Back to work , 22 days to go , reference get!

Back to work for me , hard work , 2 more high resolution models to create , and then I can get down to the nitty gritty low poly stuff where I can bake the textures onto the low detail models.

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Got myself some reference today to finish off the last 2 parts in High resolution, I set myself a deadline of 22 days to complete all of those low resolution versions, and also to get started on the normal maps and textures, at the moment that should bring the total of parts to somewhere around 34, so if I do 2 or more a day depending on when I wake up, I should be able to manage it easily.

After the 22 days I am going to have another break, then start on the real texture work and animations :).

Keep an eye out cause that Crest Core and Legs will be up as soon as they are done, the legs themselfs are about half way done at the moment.


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