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Long development breaks aren't good but lets get cracking on with the game again, take it over the finish line!

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Okay, so despite an extended break away from coding They Are Everywhere, mostly due to work and family commitments I've recently come into some time to get back into the swings of things and...


I've spent the evenings this week re-acclimatising myself with the game code and playing through the game a few times, sorting out a few bug-fixes and looking out for things to be improved upon.

The game is more designed for mobile than PC and my last playthrough resulted in a game completion time start to finish of around 22 minutes.

Whilst that's nice and the action really ramps up at the end once the boss rush levels are brought into play it's probably a bit too long for quick blasts on your mobile, so I've got to cater for shorter play sessions as well as more extended play sessions on mobile / PC.

So, I'm going to introduce 2 minute and 5 minute set-time play, akin to the Caravan modes on Soldier Blade for the PC Engine, culminating in one or two boss fights depending on how far the player progresses.

Hidden secrets are going to be really cool things

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