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Just an update about current projects and status since the last news update.

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So here we are again, half way through the summer and strangely enough still alive. So the project that has been hidden in the shadows for oh so every long has slowly but surely come alive on paper. There is still a lot to plan out and balance but the general idea is there and growing.

Now for the quick preview

It will be a stand alone game built on the unreal engine that will seamlessly cross an FPS game and a RTS game.

It will be set in a futuristic universe where humanity has first started colonizing other planets, conflicts rise when people on the outer ridge colonies feel that they need to govern themselves.

It will have an immersive campaign that covers both the first person and real time strategy aspects, and an intense multiplayer with features yet to be announced.

The working title is currently UCM - Rise of Humanity

Stay tuned and listen close, more will be coming out as things are slowly but surely put together.

Nicholas Cooper
Evildot Productions

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