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Catching up on Vidar since my last update, which was *two years ago*

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It's been a looooog time since I posted an update here! Last time I posted, Vidar had just embarked on an "Epocu" campaign, a website which doesn't even exist anymore. After that, Vidar went through the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight process. And now it's in Alpha, and we'll be hitting Early Access in January 2017.

Since the November 2014 build that was last uploaded here:

  • All 24 villager NPCs were added to the game; combined, they offer over 6,000 lines of dialogue
  • All 4 puzzle biomes, plus the final confrontation with the Beast, have been added, with now over 400 puzzles to play
  • Approximately 40 quests have been added to the game, along with a new tool UI to complete them with
  • Your path through the cave and to the Beast has been completely overhauled

Additionally, Vidar has been showcased at MAGFest, Too Many Games, PAX East, Indiecade East, Austin Games Conference, and about a dozen other places. Kotaku had a very positive write up about it as well. In short, it's been a pretty awesome journey.

Hopefully will be posting more updates here soon!

<3 Dean

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