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A new beta version is online. Revised controls, added story mode, polished/renewed art work and other improvements.

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I’ve uploaded a new beta version. In this version I added the option to sprint by pressing Y/Z - and for more comfort, now also the SPACE BAR triggers the jump. Moreover I added a story introduction (Start Game) and chapter transitions. Several graphics are polished, physics are revised, help scripts are added …

You can play the latest version here:

Or on Game Jolt (loads currently very slow though):


  • now it’s possible to jump with SPACE or X
  • added the ability to RUN/SPRINT. Press Y/Z to speed up Bantam Bobby. Not necessary, but “nice to have”. The jump range is not affected by this.
  • added story introduction
  • added chapter transitions
  • fixed the issue were the player changed the animation frame by picking up a gem
  • new physics for the wooden box
  • new physics for the conveyer belt
  • polished several graphics
  • crunched the file size
  • added “press up” when player enters a switch/script region for the first time
  • minor level design changes in chamber 6, 9 and 20
  • you can press “M” (Mute) and ” U” (Unlock Chambers) in the start screen now
  • added new tiles
  • added control instructions in chamber 1
  • new art work for the chamber selection screens
  • added an info script in chamber 7 and 9
  • minor fixes and minor text and art revisions

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