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I finished the 20th Chamber of my little action plattformer "Baby Mummy's Curse". Furthermore I did some gameplay changes. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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Well, the boss of the 20th chamber is the “Acid Sphinx”, that is firing acid balls in all directions … fairly deadly! Moreover you must use the Sphinx as a platform to manage the level.


  • added Chamber 20
  • improved player’s controls (Generally more grip and less inertia. It’s now easier to jump/walk from edges. Shorter jumps are possible now. Hold longer the jump button to jump higher.)
  • added Acid Sphinx boss enemy
  • extended player’s animation (landing animation)
  • added purple “perfect”-gem (appears by collecting all gems in a chamber, when lives are at maximum)
  • added “Perfect!” game play (the 21th chamber will be locked until all 20 purple gems are collected)
  • added a little perfect gem display on the upper right of the screen for each chamber
  • added new crumbling platform (crumbling in time intervals)
  • added broken ladders graphics
  • added gems to chamber 1 and 2
  • changed the gem arrangement in chamber 6
  • added third chamber selection screen
  • temporary kicked the training room
  • added mouse animation
  • minor graphic and game play adjustments
  • changed walk range of the scorpion at chamber 9
  • swapped the chronological order of chambers 6 and 7
  • added a single spike in chamber 9
  • several new tile graphics

Additional changes (2013-08-31):

  • Increased player's moving speed
  • Improved jumping controls (more grip when landing)
  • Improved level design of chamber 19 and error fixing (the mouse isn't a barrier for the wooden box anymore)
  • fixed an error in chamber 16 (now you can ride the wooden box)
  • minor level design changes in chamber 14
  • chamber 7 is a bit easier now (deleted a spike)

Hope you like!

Acid Sphinx

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