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New Races, Skills, New Natures, Custom Armors and more!

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Azusa 1.3 opened a huge possibility of new content area to the game, and its time to introduce the directions the game is getting with the 1.3.1 update! I was having some great time testing everything, and I really hope you all enjoy as much as I did!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs related to Dream World Resting
  • Fixed Bugs related to Red Leaves item drops
  • Fixed a Bug related to Mouth Roses meditating states.
  • Fixed bugs related to Laurel Wreath icon displays
  • Fixed a bug related to Indigo Marine helmet display
  • Fixed a bug related to opening interface windows
  • Fixed bugs related to Armor Revive skill
  • Fixed bugs related to Cosmo Forge skill
  • Fixed bugs related to Wood Signs in fences
  • Fixed bugs related to Custom Eyes
  • Fixed bugs related to Trial Roleplays text range.
  • Fixed bugs related to modified Angel Wings.
  • Fixed a icon bug related to Scorpion NPCs.
  • Fixed a text bug related skill points gains in tournaments.
  • Fixed a bug related to burrying Bodies.
  • Fixed a bug related to leaping skills.

Gameplay Changes:

  • TrialKeys of type Key or Map now display their text again upon use.
  • Removed the constant Armor Displaying in the HUD.
  • Civilians can now create Kits by having alot of inteligence at level up or study.
  • Added Well Kit.
  • Added Camp Tent Kit.
  • Added Camp Fire Kit.
  • Added Fishing Net Kit.
  • Added Farming Kit.
  • Trial Boxes can now be used to teleport the player.
  • Added Custom Armors.
  • Trial Boxes now works with Custom Armors.
  • Added a new Tier of Natures, Rare Natures are related to armors, relics or races, specifically.
  • Added Rare Nature Wild, use of darkness to get battle advantages.
  • Added Rare Nature Time, use of time control to get battle advantages.
  • Added Rare Nature Gravity, use of gravity control to get battle advantages.
  • Added Rare Nature Blood, related to blood manipulations.
  • Added Rare Nature Thunder, related to smiting powers.
  • Added Rare Nature Dimension, related to wide manipulation of spaces.
  • Added Rare Nature Light, related to manipulation of light in battle and portals to olympo.
  • Added Rare Nature Sword, related to sharpening their cosmo for battle advantages.
  • Added Rare Nature Nature, users gifted by the cosmos, manipulates life forms to get battle advantages, and is the most eversatile nature, able to learn and use almost every other nature skills.
  • Added Rare Nature Earth, related to control earth to get advantages in battle.
  • Added Legendary Rare Race: Beastlians.
  • Added Legendary Rare Race: Dracklians.
  • Custom Armors can be related directly with any of the 20 natures.
  • Flying Vehicles can now walk through rivers and mountains.
  • Dracklians always fly in minimap
  • Removed the warning message from Roleplay Points rewards
  • RP Scores are now calculated diffrently, using activity as a weight.
  • Interactions and Solo RPs are viewed diffrently by the system.
  • Scores diffrence from Mobed RP with Solo RPs decreased from 2x to 10%.
  • Custom Armors can be related directly with any of the 20 natures.
  • New Skill Related to Cold Nature, Ice Circle.
  • New Skill Related to Dracklians, Dragon Wings.
  • New Skill Related to Dracklians, Dragon Leap.
  • New Skill Related to Dracklians, Dragon Nature.
  • New Skill Related to Dracklians, Dragon Transform.
  • New Skill Related to Beastlians, Beastlian Tail.
  • New Skill Related to Beastlians, Wild Nature.
  • New Skill Related to Beastlians, Beast Transform.
  • Roleplay Texts now displays IC colors for God tier Patrons
  • Added an embedded Translator
  • Horses dies after 80 Years.
  • Dragons dies after 180 Years.
  • Machines can be rebuilt/reseted to avoid bugs with a new command.
  • Remade the Map Savings systems.
  • Increased Armor Breaking Rate.
  • Added a Nature Toggle Command.
  • Added new female hair Ultra Long.
  • Added new female hair Short Female.
  • Added new female hair Female Spikes.
  • Added new female hair Short Side Ponytail.
  • Added new clothes Tuxedo.

"Dracklians were previously Dragons, as every mythological creature were once humans, Dracklians are rare Dragons that managed to recover their mortality and alot of their human traits." should be the description
Dracklians can tranform into their dragon forms, getting 3 extra pots in that form, dragon form unlike demon stransform can be used while wearing armors in their human body.

Dracklians can get extra nature control and talent by learning Dragon Nature skill, this will also affect their dragon colors. (they can only choose between the normal natures, rares aren't included)

Dracklians get a Dragon leap, similar to angel's leap, usefull for flying

Dracklians lifespan and transform reqs are high as humans, seeing they managed to recover their mortal stuffs, also have the same karma bound as humans, being owner of "free will"

Dracklians also flies at minimap, making them simply don't need horses or vehicles

These are the second legendary rare race, able to transforms into beasts and to use the wild nature using darkness to get battle advantages by learning their Wild Nature skill.

Beastlians can learn Beast Transform, giving them 2 extra pots;

Beastlians spawns at the forests, may be difficult to start living in the wild, but even while having transform rates as good as humans, they start not able to follow gods, being "wild" at start, similar to animals (so animals and bandits wont be agressive against them) but they still own free will and are able to change gods normally later on

Wild Nature Details!
Wild Nature is the first of the 10 new natures to be actually obtainable, so, they have their details ready:
learnable skills: Wild Slash (koala slash)
visual effects: 2 diffrent levels of darkness
5 tag deals damage from fast slash
6 tags lets user use darkness for surprise attack,
places them behind the enemy and give an extra AP
wild is shielded by sekishiki, and shields light
and is debuffed by light, debuffs stability, buffs sekishiki

New Millenium at Azusa!
We reached year 1000 in all of the 3 Azusa servers, congratulations for everyone! Alot of story involved in over 700 IC Years, and there are alot of generations to remember in this, some players have been writing about their IC family story at the wiki page, and meanwhile at the brazilian servers Sagyta been recording videos about his demon's journey till he became a custom god!
With all this in mind, I want to announce that its time to increase the gain rate in the RP servers! so enjoy this new millenium with 40% higher gains!


Black Friday!
And don't forget to check out our website and knowmore about Azusa's Black friday!

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