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Brief explanation of the game's functionality by Sekaru.

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Hello, Sekaru here.

I just wanted to explain Avian 2 in a bit more detail that the description. As you may have guessed I'm obsessed with both survival and not restricting players. How am I going to do this? For a start scrap the idea of levels. If a player can wear a piece of armour, let them, don't restrict them because they haven't played enough - that's my ideology. Similarly with dungeons - there will be no restrictions on levels.

Of course this breaks the idea of progression, something typical to the MMO genre. Well, no, not really. Avian 2 is about your story and the progression can be found in discovering more about your story.

Your story will be based off your actions. There is no set "questing" path. You will start in a random location and will then progress from there. The quest system is something we'll be working a lot on since it's probably the most important thing. In a lot of MMOs we see quest systems that involve bringing the NPC 10 bear arses and this really isn't immersive. Phasing is another option but with Avian 2 I think the quest system will be immersive enough to not need phasing, plus again that's a minor restriction to players in another form.

In terms of survival and PVP (which the game will focus a lot on) we've decided to make the game very faction based. Helping out a faction will gain you reputation with that faction and will alter your story slightly. Finally, the game will for the most part not give you armour and weapons from drops and vendors but instead most of the drops and items you might find will instead be materials to allow you to craft your own gear.

And that's a really long, in-depth explanation about what Avian 2 is and what I hope for it to be. Hopefully that may've explained the game a bit more beyond the basic description.

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