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Avaruustaistelupeli release 0.4.2 for Win64, OSX and Linux.

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Major changes

  • Two new module types: tractor and pressor beam.

  • Old, overpowered AI has been divided into three levels in order to find an appropriate opponent.

  • Camera routine encapsulates ships more tightly, meaning less empty space on edges and better screen utilization.

Fixes and smaller improvements

  • Arena sizes have been shrunk in order to make battles more intense.
  • AI doesn't blow itself up so easily with bigger ships.
  • There were bugs with force and mass calculations, that made ships heavier they should have been.
  • And lots of smaller fixes.


  • There has been some weird incidents when connecting/disconnecting controllers. I haven't been able to reproduce it properly yet.

The next version

  • Easier maneuverability. Alternative control method and settings for adjusting flight mode and physics.
  • Improve issues with constant stalemates. Some new game mechanisms may be needed.
  • Support for four controllers.
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