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Welcome to Automation War. This game is done entirely by me, so it was a one person development. This is my first take on game development professionally. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Automation War is a turn based 3D game. Here some bots had arguments about the old ways of the codes and now want to update the code with their very own. This creates a conflict among the bots and chaos soon spreads. The bots that still believes the old codes are strong but are getting demonlished slowly by the believers of the new code. Now the bots are in a total war and only the strongest and wiesest bot group shall win "Make sure it is your bots".

So you play as a particular bot group and your mission is to make sure your bots get to rule the bot world. Make sure you upgrade your bots to your liking because that is the only way you shall privaile in this chaotic world.

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