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Post news RSS August 20th Public Test - What will be included and how can you sign up?

August 20th Public Test - What will be included and how can you sign up? All the relevant inf you need to be ready for the date is in this article.

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The first-ever Stormrite public test will launch on August 20th. It will be free to play and will be for PC only.

Here's the gameplay trailer:

When you launch the game you'll be able to select your character with a few different skin, hair and clothing options, select two weapon loadouts, and be dropped into the map. There will be 10-12 enemies dotted around the map who will attack you on sight, with various different weapons. This is very much a combat test so the map isn't too big, but large enough for you to run around to escape enemies/explore. There are around 10 weapons to choose from and different ways to combine them as well.

All you need is a fairly decent computer/laptop and 3GB of free space, I get 40-60 fps on 16GB RAM and GTX 1050ti, so anything around that quality should be fine.

The only thing you need to do to sign up is fill in this short form and you'll be emailed with a link to download the game on the date. Once you've signed up, feel free to join the discord and join in on daily discussion about the game! Have fun playing and hopefully you'll stick around to support Stormrite in the future.

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