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A lot of work since the last update has been put in to get the game to a more polished state. The reason for this, Steam Early Access goes live Sept 6.

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Summary says it all. I've not posted in a while because I've been polishing the game, testing all core features and game play loop to push for Steam Early Access. Steam provides a great way for pushing regular updates so, you as the player, only needs to download the updates vs. the entire application. Also provides Cloud saves (not active yet) and for those that like such things – achievements (will be added in a future update).

There is still plenty more to do. I have more zones that need to be created, populated and itemized. I am currently re-working how the main quest line unfolds (world map helped me see this from a better angle), crafting needs more fun things to craft, etc. It's a work in progress. Now, it has a better defined end in sight! I will call the game finished when the main quest line is completed and in game. However, there will be additional content updates until the side content is completed.

I have setup a discord server Discord if you would like chat about the game and its progress (new to this).

Early Access goes live Sept 6 2020. You can find the game on Steam here: Legendary Journeys

If you want to support, GREAT! But, wishlist or follow if you are interested in the game when it exits early access.

I will be uploading a finalized demo of the game on Steam and here at IndieDB in the next month or so. Want to give the demo (Nerha's Landing zone) a final once over before I release. Love demos!

Looks like a small list. If I were doing this full time – yep very small list. But, I'm not; so, it took a while.

That polishing included a huge list of updates:

  • Fixed graphic lag/stuttering that I noticed on my dev system – experimental rendering line was never removed
  • Additional zones added
  • More zones populated
  • Removed the durability/repair system – this may be looked at in the future. The old system was not fun
  • Increased level cap from 20 to 60 (mobs have increased as well)
  • New combat examine HUD added for mobs – press the examine key while hovering the cursor over a mob during combat will display a HUD with current HPs and active statuses
  • New status: Panicked – some mobs will go into panic mode if they’ve take enough damage. Reduces their effectiveness in battle. PCs will be added to this in a future update
  • Added a proper world map of Farmoor – can be downloaded and viewed in game. The map is not 100% complete. This map will be updated as I work on areas
  • Added an actual PDF manual – woah!
  • Added the initial beginnings of the faction system – no benefits yet. Future use will be quest access, better vendor prices, and following the correct faction might benefit you with powers
  • Updated all spells – made sure all spells had effects, sound, animations and descriptions for each rank
  • Update spell book and tomes descriptions – more information added so you can determine if you want a character to learn the spell or upgrade a spell’s rank
  • This might not have been noticed before; but, with the map now available – verified traveling between zones was in the right direction
  • More mob AI updates in battle – if you can use the ability, so can they (assuming they the right training of course)
  • Added a loading bar when moving between zones
  • Organized abilities by type (fire, water, sword, dagger, etc)
  • Updated the screenshots to include the GUI when pressing SHIFT + F12
  • Added new shields
  • Journal now has a new section – Journal which records notes and important information not related to quests
  • Resurrection system has been updated – depending on the cleric’s abilities, the character being resurrected may return with multiple injuries that will need to be healed
  • Healing poultices – when healing injuries, there is a chance the item will fail to heal, the more powerful the poultice, the less of a chance of failure
  • Reworked the Druinport zone buildings – they have more cohesion now
  • Spell scrolls have been added to the game – anyone can use the scroll
  • Like spells, combat abilities now have 4 proficiency levels (Initiate, Novice, Expert, and Master)
  • Added combat abilities training manuals – these allow the character to become more proficient with an ability
  • Cleaned up various GUI windows
  • Items, Weapons and Armors are no longer droppable in the world – if inventory becomes too much of a clutter, will re-look at this option
  • Equipment, Inventory, Training windows – can use the change party keys now [ - previous, ] – next
  • Added a hotbar for each character – you can drag abilities to these hotbars for each character. During combat, the hotbar will “light up” during that character’s turn. This cuts down the number of clicks to perform an action during combat. You can press the F1 key to hide them if you don’t want to use/see them
  • Loot tables have been adjusted – always a work in progress
  • Some item prices have modified
  • Skill checks (these are behind the scenes against a 1D20 roll vs. difficulty check), such as lock picking or disarming a trap, now take into account the skill’s level and governing attribute score

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