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After many delays I pick up speed again, this time I`ll be showing off another new AC and demoing some of the voice acting.

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the June 2016 update for Project : Limit Release, in this update we will be talking about everything related to the new content being developed for the film.

This is a 3D Machinima movie project NOT a game.

(Machinima is a form of animation created using video games or video game engines to render the footage.)

Development News

Since our last update things have been rough, trying to get everything done was an intense challenge but we finally managed to make the deadline, especially with so many things going on behind the scenes.

Needless to say I am happy with the update, it shows off our newest AC, Limit Breaker, an old generation AC, beaten, rusted and dirty with the most iconic AC weapon, it is also accompanied by some voice samples by some of our actresses and actors, I hope you enjoy.

In terms of producing more content, I am currently trying to pick up the pace a little more for you all, I am going to first finish off all the parts, and then once those are done updates should be more frequent, please stay tuned for future updates!

Want more information about the project or want to help?

See you all next update, and remember you can stay in touch with the project for more frequent updates at Facebook.com

(Limit Release Dev)

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