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This weekend atWar will introduce the first of it's official 'Boot Camps' so new players can learn off the best going around.

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Boot Camp
To try and teach the growing number of new people to atWar, this weekend we are holding a 'Boot Camp' where you can play with high ranked players and they will teach you what you need to know to conquer the world. The games will be held at 9 pm GMT on Saturday and Sunday.

It will be an invaluable resource for new players and an extension of the already existing ways to get help and to learn the game, like the Tutorial, the Forum and the new Help Chat Channel. To join come and play atWar and look for a 'Boot Camp' game which will be hosted by a respected high ranking member of the atWar community. So while you are playing the game you can ask questions and get advice on the units, countries, tactics and even the interface or other questions you might have.

Possible things to learn are: How to wall your cities, income & reinforcements explained and general game tips. Getting this information in-game is a sure way to help you understand, enjoy and even master atWar: the Art of Strategy. Of course you can still use the Help Chat Channel and the forum to get answers to your questions before Saturday and Sunday 9 pm GMT.
See you on the battlefield

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