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Attack on Toys 3.0 is now available. Everyone can get the game Fully for Free on itch.io. We hope everyone enjoy and having fun playing the game :)

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Attack on Toys 3.0 is now available

Relive Your Childhood Toys comes to life! Build your Army Toys, make battle scenario, watch the Toys battling each other, and customize your play with Attack on Toys Toy Box. Command your Army Toys to fight against another toys strategically and keep them alive during battle!

Attack on Toys is a 3rd-person shooter mixed with combination of Real-time strategy as Toy Army Soldiers. Pick your favourite Army color and ride to the battle! Use Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, robot mech? and build your own Army Squad to win the battle against other Toys.

Game Modes

  • INVASION: Defend your HQ with unlimited wave of enemies invasion.
  • TERROR INVASION: Defend your HQ with unlimited wave of enemies invasion. (Zombies!, Cockroach, Spider)
  • SKIRMISH: Destroy all enemies HQ to win.
  • CONQUEST: Claim and defend your territories against enemies.
  • PvP 'LAN': Destroy all Enemy Player HQ to win.

  • Third-person shooter with mix of Real-time strategy Map
  • Destructible Building & Enemy
  • 10+ Soldier Toys
  • 12+ Driveable Vehicles
  • 7+ Towers
  • 12+ Weapons
  • 5+ Items

  • Army Men
  • HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed
  • The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare
  • Home Wars

  • Attack on Toys is a Free Game and will always be, so everyone always has an option to get Attack on Toys fully for Free here on itch.io. The STEAM® and itch.io Game version is exactly the same.
  • STEAM® version will utilize STEAM® platform features like Save Cloud, Achievements, Trading Cards, Workshop, and more in the future. The Game version is exactly identical with itch.io without any difference and you can always get Attack on Toys here fully for Free.
  • Feel free to make any Gameplay content for Attack on Toys (Gameplay video, YouTube, twitch, etc) and any feedback is highly appreciated! :)

Attack on ToysAttack on Toys

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