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All assets and features are hereby implemented. Hurray!

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Finished the last boss today, and the outro sequence. All assets are now done! Need only place them in the editor. This is great news, since the game is very close to being finished. Also great news: haven't discovered any bugs yet, but I'm sure they are there. So please, if you download the alpha demo and run into technical problems. Let me know, either via the forum or just email me: highcalibrewizard@gmail.com

Indiedb is awesomesauce and I'll definately post the game on Desura. Other distribution services are also a possibility. But to be honest I haven't given it alot of thought (the distribution). However Attack of the Crimson Marauders will cost a small sum (exactly how much, I really don't know yet).

As for the future, I'm aiming to port the game to other platforms. Mobile port(s) would be sweet indeed. Depends very much of the capabilities of GM:S.

Over and out!

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