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ASYLUM ESCAPE IS NOW AVAILABLE. Asylum Escape was released today, for FREE. It's v1.1, the stable version!

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Asylum Escape is now available for FREE!
"Asylum Escape" is a Roguelike inspired game set in an Asylum.You play as an anonymous patient, bent on escape from a strange and terrible Asylum. But before you can escape you must avoid guards, traverse endless corridors, brave the dark and collect evidence to expose the cruelty of the Asylum.

- A coffeebreak-like feel to the game. Pick up and play mentality.

- Feelings of helplessness and panic in the dark.

- Randomly generated 'dungeons' or 'depths'.

- Randomly generated Guards that scour the halls of the Asylum.

- Patients that wander the halls.

- A unique lighting system to give the game a "Stealth" feel

- Claustrophobic-feel.
- Item gathering.

- No weapons.

Be sure to follow us over at www.toothandclawgames.tumblr.com

Thanks and enjoy!

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