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Play CO-OP against a monster on an abandoned spaceship, where one player controls a survivor and the other the ship itself.

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ASTRUMIS - Survivor v0.2

Astrumis - Survivor is a co-op horror game. One player controls a survivor on an abandoned spaceship and the other the ship itself. They must work together to navigate the ship, solve puzzles and survive against the mysterious monster.

- Level 2 added
- now works properly on Mac
- increased hold breath capability by 1 second
- you can now hold your breath again if the bar is half full (compared to completely full)
- made Door Slicing easier
- Spaceship in the Menu will no longer fly away into the distance
- added loading while quiting to menu
- fixed cursor size on Mac
- slowed down loading icon rotation

Play together with a friend over local network. (Both players have to be connected to the same network).

Watch the Trailer:

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