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Lots of bug fixes, and a few new features to make life a bit easier in the Astrox universe. New persistent scans for your Targeting panel. Revamped market tables and mechanics. Lots of small quality of life tweaks and lots more to come.

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Lots of bug fixes, and a few new features to make life a bit easier in the Astrox universe. New persistent scans for your Targeting panel. Revamped market tables and mechanics. Lots of small quality of life tweaks and lots more to come.

Head over to Steam or GOG and pick up a copy. Store.steampowered.com


Or check out the official website for Astrox Imperium. Astroximperium.com

Get involved and help me shape the game on our Discord channel. Discord.gg

v 0.0039a
* Fixed mission insurance return exploit bug.
* Hotfix for bad wing mesh causing spins.
* Fixed platform save bug on title screen.

v 0.0038
* Fixed a few station services around the galaxy.
* Fixed drone repair rate bug.
* Adjusted drone flight behavior when close to target.
* Fixed shipyard display bug showing duplicate ships.
* Fixed shipyard display bug when loading ships.
* Added bloom option slider into graphics options.
* Adjusted sound effect volumes for all modules.
* Optimized audio code on title screen.
* Optimized audio code on game screen.
* Fixed volume slider for sound fx on title screen.
* Fixed volume slider for sound fx in game options.
* Death penalty is off as default, until sandbox.
* Fixed Bug with hotkeys assignment of Camera options.
* Fixed Scanner bug with chat missions.
* Fixed Tactical sensors , galaxy map dock bug.
* Fixed warpgate fee bug charging more than displayed.
* Adjusted base mission pay.
* Adjusted faction modifier for warpgate fees.
* Adjusted max warpgate fee to 100K

v 0.0037
* Adjusted the economic supply and demand tables.
* Adjusted what BUY / SELL orders are generated per station.
* Adjusted market event frequency / sector activity.
* Adjusted profit margins for BUY / SELL order generator.
* Adjusted margin spread of all BUY / SELL orders.
* Adjusted Random market event generator.
* Adjusted faction influence on market events.
* Adjusted university training bonus skill.
* Fixed university training skill bug.
* Fixed Gradeon database spelling error.
* Fixed bug with persisting map causing empty space.
* Fixed DEATH ship bug when penalty is off.
* Fixed DEATH LS bug when not last saved outside station.

v 0.0036
* Purchasing a new ship defaults to dock page upon completion.
* Fixed validation on new ship purchases before removing credits.
* Fixed SE-2 SEER ship, bad file data.
* Fixed activating the active ship in station hangar.
* Fixed Swap ship LS bug with bad filenames.
* Fixed ship unique filename bug cause missing ships.
* Fixed LS bug when selling ship.
* Fixed Galaxy mouseover sectors when docked in station.
* Galaxy map toggle in station closes all services.
* Disabled Star targeting until I enable energy harvesting.
* Fixed carry over skills boxes bug on new campaign.
* Fixed Steam achievement reporting. (GOG is coming next).
* Fixed Stat for Raider count.
* Fixed npc ship bug preventing notify popups upon dispatch.
* Killing Raiders now provides a faction bonus to the sector owners.
* Environment of starting sector no longer effected by events.
* Fixed scanner time for non prescan objects.
* Fixed a number of GPS issues and bugs.
* Added Skill sorting button for Electronics.
* Fixed bug with pilot panel resetting fleet panel.
* Fixed Merc fired image icon.

v 0.0035
* Another pass optimizing Tactical sensors.
* Optimized the Targeting HUD and tactical Targeting HUD.
* Adjusted mission level requirements.
* Fixed bug that prevented merc modules from repairing.
* Fixed spelling errors in Life Support tutorial.
* Another attempt at the controller spin bug.
* Fixed merc cargo bug preventing miners from stopping with full cargo.
* Drone mining now effects stats and XP.
* Fixed tactical sensors reset bug on map view toggle.
* Fixed station map mouse wheel zoom bug.
* Fixed bookmark camera rotation bug.

v 0.0034
* Adjusted processing of Steam Achievements.
* Carry over damage from 0 Shields now passes remainder to Armor.
* Fixed duplicating cargo storage bug between stations.
* Fixed Law Enforcement notification, split into good and bad news.
* Fixed base Shield regeneration for all ships.
* Fixed base Energy regeneration for all ships.
* Adjusted Laser hitbox colliders for better accuracy.
* Steak Life Support item fixed.
* Fixed duplicate names for Basic Shield Booster.
* Double click Items in targeting panel will activate autopilot.
* Right click items in targeting panel to unlock.
* Fixed Titan Dreadnought ship skill bug.
* Map toggle key now works when docked.
* Fixed retire merc bug showing merc in pilot fleet panel.
* Fixed faction rating penalty for mission abort.
* Fixed weird camera rotation on warp exit.
* Added the much requested , persisting scans between warps.

v 0.0033
* Adjusted faction adjustment for mission payout.
* Faction modifiers no longer effect script missions. (Tutorials)
* Fixed negative mission pay with grossly negative faction ratings.
* Faction penalty for merc death reduced.
* Fixed merc cargo drag exploit when ship swapping.
* Adjusted 3D sound for better overall environmental sound effects.
* Hiring a merc will remove any non ammo cargo items.
* Fixed mis-aligned text in Refinery
* First stage of persisting scans implemented.

v 0.0032a
** Fixed LS transfer bug when selling ship.
** hotfix for breaking tutorial rock mission with
* A few spelling fixes.
* Market Buy and Sell orders now adjusted by multiple factors.
- level, security , faction, rarity of items.
* Fixed buy / sell order button hotspot bug.
* Fixed garage drag module bug causing missing item.
* Impact, Energy ,Explosive resistance applied independent of ship base values.
* Fixed Impact passive value bug.
* Mission deposit rate dropped to 25 percent.
* Mission level have been adjusted to better align with player abilitys.
* Mission payments have been adjusted to reflect difficulty.
* Missions with insurance that is out of your range will not be displayed.
* Mission skill point rewards increased.
* Faction ratings have more of an effect on mission payments.
* Security of target sectors effect mission payments.
* Distance required to travel has more of an effect on mission payments.
* Fixed scrolling on storage panel.
* Fixed market page refresh when purchasing item.
* Fixed bug blocking merc clicking in station when refinery active.
* Fixed University Discount skill.
* Fixed merc focus camera dock bug.
* Added notification for out of range cargo.

v 0.0031
* NPC will now chat with a rating above -1.5, not zero.
* Mission NPC's will always have chat regardless of rating.
* Expanded the refinery capacity from 1000 to 2500.
* Fixed refinery output text to reflect capacity in m3.
* Refinery will now operate by default when undocked.
* Expanded station storage window size.
* BUY and SELL order generation now adjusted for pilot level.
* Small various text alignments.
* Fixed FoodService duplicate name in items database.
* Duplicate skills in Gunstellar fixed.
* Modules take damage only 5% of hits taken (new games only).
* Fixed refinery pop up bug when dragging to market.
* Toggle option to transfer refinery output to storage available.

v 0.0030
* Fixed Tutorial mission bug with special rock when dying.
* Fixed mission rock object not spawning for tutorial when undocked.
* Fixed mission objects bug when loading map in tactical view.
* Fixed storage inventory bug when selling corrupt ship.
* Fixed duplicating ship bug.
* Fixed bug when buying same ship twice.
* Fixed Player cargo storage bug when selling ship.
* Fixed Module cargo bug when dragging from garage to cargo storage.
* Fixed frequency of ship hangar events.
* Fixed max number of ships in hangar to 25;
* Fixed Life Support qty stack bug when dragging from storage.
* Fixed number of spelling and formatting errors.
* Removed test events Ship Hangar tide to BioMate.
* Added Inverted Mouse options for cockpit steering.

v 0.0029
* Tweaked law enforcement warning notification.
* Fixed background in ship editor bug.
* Adjusted brightness of tactical sensors.
* Stating ship now starts with 2 Life Support items in the cargo.
* Fixed storage inventory clearing bug.
* Fixed intro text.
* Fixed Faction text.
* Fixed Welcome tutorial text.
* Fixed click through bug over module options to objects behind UI.
* Fixed major shipyard bug when buying new ships.
* Fixed life support warning bug upon death.
* Added descriptions to life support items.

v 0.0028
* Fixed ship selling storage bay bug.
* Fixed structure interior collisions.
* Fixed structure interior bug (falling).
* Added WASD key binding to interior movement.
* Fixed Shipyard BUY / SELL button alignment.
* Fixed NPC Jacelor test script.
* LIFE SUPPORT temporary slider for drain rate.
* LIFE SUPPORT grace period for new campaign.
* Fixed auto-rotating camera bug with controller.
* Adjusted NPC thrusters
* Adjusted NPC afterburner burn rates and energy requirements.
* Capped max warp gate fees after faction adjustment.
* Various spelling fixes.
* Swapped zil text for credits.
* Fixed refinery Right Click when active.
* Fixed exploit bug involving storage and garage.
* Added notifications for item usage
* Small market tweaks.

v 0.0027b
* Fixed bug with some medals requiring STAT +1.
* Adjusted Title screen text and sponsor logo display.
* GOG Achievements.

* Slowed down Target Drone in Combat Tutorial
* Tutorial holovids now loop.
* Adjusted FPS controls indoors.
* Tweaked missiles wiggle and lock in accuracy.
* Adjusted some UI elements.
* Closing the Dialog panel when inside structure will activate FPS mode.
* Choosing a Dialog option that closes the panel will activate FPS mode.
* Automatic SDK initialization for various platforms.

* Starting tutorial rock reduced from 100 to 20.
* GOG SDK implementation.

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