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The latest patch adds joystick support and improved sound-effects.

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After numerous requests from players, I've implemented joystick-support in the latest patch. Joystick button-mappings can now be customized from the controls-menu. Gamepads and joysticks can be used simultaneously if you happen to have both plugged in.

Since joystick-design varies so much, I allow almost all of the game's controls to be mapped to any joystick-button. The deadzone for the joystick can be adjusted as well. Some joysticks are much more loose than others. Several players have Thrustmaster Warthog joysticks. I'm hoping this implementation works well with that particular joystick. I may need to add options to choose particular sliders and hats in the future.

In addition, some muzzle sound-effects have been replaced with more realistic, beefier sounds. The sound for the widely used 30mm machine gun has been changed entirely.

Controls-menu with joystick-mappings

Patch notes:


- Added joystick support with custom button-mappings
- Adjusted placement of 1st-person camera on Sabre to reduce screen-space taken from muzzle-flashes


- Added customizable joystick button-mappings to the controls-menu
- Added a joystick deadzone-slider to the controls-menu
- Increased range of rotation-sensitivity slider
- Added 2560x1080 resolution-option


- Added suble smoke-effect to 60mm flak muzzle-flashes


- Replaced 30mm muzzle-sound with a punchier sfx
- Tweaked most muzzle-sounds to achieve a more realistic effect
- Lowered overall pitch on fighter-thrusters


- Implemented ability to detect DirectInput devices and ignore XInput devices (allows for simultaneous usage of joysticks and gamepads)

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