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A short update on the first player character, (lazily) named Medium Soldier for now. He's a balanced Assault class.

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Hi guys. This time, I am posting a very short update before the environment update.

Medium Soldier Highpoly

Over the last few months, we have been working with Tito Belgrave, a talented character artist, to help us bring the Medium Soldier concept to 3D and he's done a fantastic job! I'll let the images and turntable show for themselves.

Medium Soldier Highpoly Sculpt
Medium Soldier Highpoly Sculpt
Helmet Closeup

Here's also a turntable model of the Highpoly Sculpt

Thanks for watching this short update. Be sure to check out Tito's portfolio and the game he is developing in the link below!

GreenForest - - 426 comments

Nice work astonishing look and details, now it's all about retopology. :(

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GreenForest - - 426 comments

Have you got some ideas to make cinematic trailer?

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ChromeAngel - - 708 comments

1st impression : Faceless goon model #3432

2nd thoughts :
Isn't it a bit odd for all Medium Soldiers to have a prosthetic left arm?

Not saying it would be odd for them to have prosthetics, just that it's *always* he same limb.

Good quality sculpting, pity about the concept.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Thanks man, the retopo is being tackled and it's definitely coming along well. Will post more update once it's near complete. Cinematic trailer is definitely something we love to do and we've planned for it, but sadly, manpower and money is gonna push that back.

I know what you mean. We had a debate on creating characteres, not faceless goon, but due to resources and basically my lack of abilties, face with animation is something we would have to avoid for now.

And 100% agree on the prosthetic limb. We wanted to avoid this issue and in fact it was even more generic, but we have to strike a balance and thus it's decided this would be a mix of style and generic-ness.

Hopefully once other more important areas are tackled and we somehow gets funding, I definitely want to look into fixing these issues.

Thanks for the comments and critiques, really appreciate it!

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GreenForest - - 426 comments

Thank you for answers. :D I think the support will be greate idea on indie gogo.com

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Yeah, we are planning to launch an IndieGogo campaign this year end, hopefully with a playable demo as well. Still, to be frank, I am very scared of launching the indiegogo.

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COFAGames - - 3 comments

Look impressive. You shouldn't be scared :)

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Judicat0r - - 507 comments

Nice job.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Thanks man! Appreciate it!

I will heed your advice. Will aim to launch an indiegogo campaign within by this year end! Thanks for the support!

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