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ASA: A Space Adventure has been created with Adventure Maker : this soft doesn't create standalone games yet, and it looks like that, as a consequence, the current release of ASA on Desura can make an error when launching the game. Here is a patch to fix it.

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Some people reported a problem with the current version of ASA: A Space Adventure on Desura. This patch will fix it.

It is a temporary solution : I'm working on it, and I try to find a way to fix the game definitely, so nobody needs to download and install this file in the future.

If you have any other problem with ASA, feel free to contact me so we can find a way to solve it. This patch is an answer to a user's request who got the runtime error on Windows 7.

Download the patch here, or from the Download section on the ASA page.

ASA runtime error patch

ASA Desura Patch
Version r1.2

What happens :
- You purchased ASA: A Space Adventure on Desura
- The game won't run, you get a runtime error (involving Nsplay.ocx, or Panorama.ocx, or other...)
--> This patch should solve the issue.

Installation :

Run the exe provided in this archive. During the installation process, choose the path you want (this patch doesn't necessarily require to be installed in the ASA folder).

At the end of the installation, it should be possible to play ASA. You can also delete manually the new folders created by the patch.

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