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After a long-lasting development my solo-developed RTS game finally released on Steam (for Windows).

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Hi guys,

More or less two years ago I started with the development of Artificial Defense. There were a lot of projects in between, though - but I think I put about 2000 hours into this game.

The first prototype looked like this:

the first playable prototype of artificial defense

I wrote a huge GDD and when I finally saw how much work this would be, I was not sure anymore if there would be a release waiting at the end. I think motivation and time-management are the most important components for a solo-development. You are strongly dependent on your mood, so you have to manage it like a resource - at least this is true for me ;-)

During the development:

planning the general level design
(I always have pen & paper next to my mouse pad)

A few days ago I released Artificial Defense to Steam. Honestly I hoped for a relaxing moment after 2 years of hard work, but I totally underestimated the effort a released game needs - community management, managing key requests, talking to game sites, contacting lets players and streamers - I felt like I released a raging bull from its rope actually :-) - but this may be a good sign, I guess.

Today the game looks like this:

showing the solo developed rts game artificial defense
(Shows a launch of a missile salvo)

screen green
(shows a neutron bomb impact)

screen black
(shows the detonation of a nuke)

screen uplab
(shows the uplab - a place where you can upgrade your equipment)

Steam Store Page:

Indie for Indie
If you guys have any questions concerning the game itself, its development, the marketing process, etc. please get in touch. I would love to give back some of the help I encountered during my development.

Keep up your motivation and happy developing,

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