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News article on Archimedes by IGD Sunshine Magazine

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Original article here: Igdsunshinemag.com

" At first glance the game seems to be an emulator of an old operating system but then things take a turn for the worse, a rash of disappearances, killings, a virus and lots of people in a state of extreme panic! If you are into coding in any way at all this game is probably for you, if you love nostalgia and conspiracies this game is definitely for you, as a coder myself and someone who use do to a lot of digging around on computers and the internet when i was younger, this game truly fascinated me. With it’s unique and old school style of mixing the emulated game world with the real world is very enticing bringing a whole new level of excitement that only kept me wanting more!

There wasn’t a moment where I felt like I was actually playing a game, in fact it all seemed rather too real and it was very easy to get sucked into the world of ARC and it’s mysterious workings. The developer did an awesome job with this, offering just the right amount of interaction and feedback from the mysterious chat partner to the things you could do on the operating system. I actually enjoyed how a lot of things were fully functional, especially the music player, while the old operating system sounds were awesome, a little background music playing while i dig through files was indeed perfect and how else to make it a perfect emulation but to add in sample tracks haha

I had no idea what i was getting myself into when i launched the button that said “Open This”, only now after the experience of a lifetime, do I remember how the old days used to be, extreme lack of security and a huge fear of a potential disastrous virus plaguing my computer. It was all too real, which made it extremely refreshing.

Archimedes will have you on your toes, just don’t forget to have a pen and paper, you’re going to need it. "

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