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The end is almost here and although it has taken a while I can ensure that it will be worth the wait. Or maybe not. Who knows?

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We are so close... can you taste it? I sure can; It taste of something like brown sugar mixed with the metallic hint that comes with freshly released blood. I cannot guarantee your safety nor can I guarantee that you will succeed in the task I am about to give you. Sadly, it won't matter. If you die then may the loop continue and I shall find a new subject to take your place. It's not rocket science, you know? Creating a continuous loop in order for me to get what I want. It's really rather simple; like a paradox. You create something the world just cannot make sense off and everything just sort of... resets. I've seen it far too many times in my life that it all just sort of blends in. Sometimes I can even tell when the world has reset! That's how many times I have seen this sort of thing happen!

It truly isn't rocket science. Just do what I ask of you and everything will turn out fine.

Maybe this time you'll actually survive.


Delightful Decay

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