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Through all of the incompetent internet user's thoughts, the storyteller is not dead.

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As the Puppet Master, Bolded and italicized, It is my duty to talk to all of you things on the internet and on this site. The storyteller of great mods such as the "Mysteries" Trilogy and... well, nothing else is not dead and has come back to tell one last story through me: The Puppet Master, Bolded and italicized.

dd first looks

If you have any questions the Direct Messaging System is open and ready for your messages to be traveled through. Other than these small diversions of messages from the actual creating of the game, I have no further reasoning to talk to most of you things on the Internet. Enjoy the older workings of the storyteller such as Moddb.com and... well, nothing else. Enjoy your stay. Or don't. I don't give a single---

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