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Environment overview and the way each of the pieces were made

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The art in this game is majoritively done in Blender. The landscape is made with the unity terrain. The grass, mountains, lakes, beaches, and hills are all made with Unity. The trees and cattails are made with Blender. The sky box is meant to give it an outer space feel. The trout and ravens were painted and created with Blender as well. There are a lot of trees around the landscape as well as rocks for James Wolf to hide behind when an enemy is in hot pursuit. Overall the game is meant to be earth like with some twists. The characters and the environment were made to match in Blender. The ravens on the trees are not animated but the trout are. The keys, labs, and seed houses were also made in Blender. The game is meant to have a terrain that offers hiding places, villages and interactive rooms.

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