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Maze of Fire, the first playable concept demo for Ars Tactica is almost here!

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Maze of Fire, the first playable concept demo for Ars Tactica is almost here!

Demo Screenshot   1

We are working hard to polish the roughest edges of this new concept demo and expect to release it for Linux, Mac and Windows some time next week.

Maze of Fire is meant to quickly show off some basic features of Ars Tactica, particularly the interaction between character's skills and the procedural voxel terrain.

While it barely makes justice to the complexity of the systems, we think this 10 minutes demo will help you get the gist of what Tactica is about:

Procedurally generated world:

Tactica's world is separated in two distinct views. The world map view gives you an overview of the land using "world tiles". Each tile has a biome or "generation type". Your party can explore this world map using a vehicle and provisions. Once in your destination, "battle mode" is activated and the interactive voxel terrain gets loaded or generated.

Demo Screenshot   7

Each time you launch the demo, a new maze terrain is generated. Ars Tactica will feature this kind of generators for several types of "world tiles", ensuring a fresh adventure on every mission.

Demo Screenshot   2

Interactive terrain:

Beware the trap blocks! Fire from the ground, giant boulders from the walls, a miss step in the maze can be deadly.

The terrain is full of interaction, break the maze walls with the Fighter's "Crushing Strike" skill or block out a path using the "Shield Wall".

Demo Screenshot   4

Demo Screenshot   6

Status system:

Each of your characters has 4 battle statuses, efficiently managing them is the key to a flawless victory!

Status Bars

HP: Health points, if it run's out, your are out!
MP: Mana points, necessary to perform most skills, specially magic.
Stamina: Necessary to move and use skills, it depletes fast but is quickly regenerated, don't stress out you party!
Focus: Each skill needs a minimum amount of focus. It is not consumed but reduces upon taking damage.


awesome! i really want to try it

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